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Welcome to Leadership Kokomo

Leadership Kokomo is a ten-month Leadership Development program devoted to building, strengthening and dedicating our community leaders. Over 700 local leaders have graduated from the program and continue their commitment to the growth, development and prosperity of Howard County.

Mission Statement
The Leadership Kokomo Program brings together a diverse group of existing and emerging community leaders and empowers them to become resourceful stewards of the community.

Goals of Leadership Kokomo

Recruitment The LK program will identify and attract participation from people of diverse backgrounds and roles who are committed to the mission of Leadership Kokomo.
Participation The LK program is designed to be educational, motivational and rewarding for the participants.
Expectations Leadership Kokomo graduates will exhibit a personal lifelong commitment to share knowledge and abilities for the common good of the community.

LK Objectives

  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Community Awareness
  • Team Building
  • Creating Stewardship Opportunities
  • Fostering Community Vision
  • We are proud to Celebrate 36 years of serving our community!

    LK 2019 Application Only

    LK 2019 Brochure